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General Chat and Comments
If you just want to chat or talk about something, post it here
Appeals by the Media
Requests by the Media for Client contributions to proposed articles concerning OTC Product addiction and misuse. Please read Code of Conduct FIRST before posting appeals or contacting Over-Count
Appeals for specific help and advice
Post here if you need information about a specific topic, otherwise use the Forums above
News and Media Postings
Forum for sharing News and other Media Information concerning OTC products
Postings for advice and Information about this product
Nurofen Plus
Advice and Information concerning this product
Advice and Information concerning this product
Advice and Information concerning this product
Advice and Information concerning this product
Advice and Information concerning this product
Codeine General Topics
Advice and Information concerning this product
Cough/Cold Remedies
Advice and Information concerning these products
Any other OTC Products
Advice and Information concerning this product
Prescription Drugs and Medicines
Forum for prescription medicines and other Drugs
Professional or Research Postings
For postings by Pharmacists, Research Students, Medical Personnel, or other Allied Fields
Technical & Medical Enquiries
Have you a Technical or Medical Query about any OTC Medicine or Drug? Or are you worried about physical or psychological effects of long-term use on your health? Post your Queries here- David Grieve of Over-Count will answer them as best he can, every Tuesday evening.
Withdrawal Programme Forms and Information
In this Forum, you can find Information concerning our Withdrawal Programme, and view all 3 Stages, including Templates to allow you to copy/paste Documents onto your own Word Documents or Emails
Independent Holistic Treatment Links
Links to Independent Holistic Treatment methods and web-sites that may benefit Clients on Withdrawal Regimes. For Information only and not connected to Over-Count.
You can do a free download of the new Select Committe Report into prescription and over-the-counter Drug Abuses here. Plus read other related postings. Feel free to post a comment on the Report in the "Replies" sections.
Freebie Items
Free stuff available online and by post. Medicine related but absolutely NO Drugs or drug paraphrenalia permitted.
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